Labor Relations & Employment Law

Labor law and employment law have been the cornerstone of our firm since its founding in 1980. Our attorneys continue to advise private, public and not-for-profit clients, sealing our reputation as one of the foremost legal authorities in all aspects of these areas.

Employment Discrimination

We routinely defend employers and individuals in federal and state employment matters involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation. In the public sector, our employment lawyers defend municipalities and public officials in federal litigation involving employment practices and policymaking. We also offer proactive strategies to prevent harassment and discrimination claims and frequently resolve such matters before they become lawsuits.

Wage and Hour Claims

The number of lawsuits filed in New York federal court that allege violations of wage and hour laws continues to rise dramatically. These cases can involve unpaid overtime, employee misclassification, minimum wage issues and improper tip pooling. We regularly handle such cases, including those with multiple-plaintiffs, as well as class actions. Critically, we provide our clients with a careful assessment of potential liability and damages as early as possible, tailoring our litigation strategy to achieve the best possible result.

Public Sector Employment

Our labor and employment practice is unique in its breadth and depth. We are proud to serve many municipal clients, including counties, cities, school districts, police departments and other governmental agencies, and counsel elected and appointed officials, boards and agencies on all aspects of personnel management. We represent municipal clients before the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in improper practice and representation proceedings, as well as other grievance proceedings and arbitrations.

Regulatory Audits

Compliance audits conducted by the New York Department of Labor and other government agencies have skyrocketed in recent years. Our attorneys help clients successfully navigate such audits and provide proactive advice about complying with complex wage and hour laws.

Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations

We negotiate collective bargaining agreements with union representatives throughout New York State and handle complex ERISA litigation. In the public sector, we advise elected and appointed chief executives, municipal boards, personnel directors and other officials on contract administration issues and all aspects of labor management.

Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

Our clients turn to us for legal counsel on all employer-employee relationship issues, including contracts and severance agreements. We also have extensive experience in drafting and enforcing restrictive covenants across a wide range of industries and have litigated cases involving such issues in state and federal court.

Training and Workplace Policies

Litigation can often be avoided through sound workplace policies. Our attorneys are skilled in developing such strategies and advising employers, managers and staff on their implementation. Our involvement can run the gamut from drafting employee handbooks and protecting proprietary information to resolving issues around absenteeism, leaves of absence, drug testing, harassment and record retention policies.

Important Advantages for Clients

The firm’s labor and employment practice has a breadth, depth, and track record that few firms our size can match.  Our attorneys’ accessibility, expertise, and proactive strategies for legal requirements help protect our clients and result in longstanding, productive relationships.

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