Practice Areas

Utility Law, Rate Making and Analysis

Many large scale residential and commercial real estate developments in the Hudson Valley are located in areas where utility infrastructure is lacking. The creation, construction and operation of utilities servicing such developments requires experienced and skilled legal assistance. Over the past twenty-five years, Keane & Beane, P.C. has represented water and sewer companies in connection with the organization of such utility companies and rate-setting proceedings and investigations conducted by regulatory agencies, including the New York State Public Service Commission and various Town Boards.

Keane & Beane, P.C. has provided legal advice and assistance to some of the largest privately owned utilities in the Hudson Valley, and has been extensively involved in matters relating to the upgrade of privately and publicly owned wastewater treatment plants in the 1,900 square miles comprising the New York City Watershed. Few law firms can provide the comprehensive legal services necessary to bring a development project from due diligence and acquisition, through the environmental and planning approvals, including organization of and rate-setting for utility companies necessary to service large scale development.